Local couple creates Home Fries at Home, Music for the Soul show for 11th Hour Theatre Company

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A local couple, who are also artists, turned their quarantine experience into a Virtual Cabaret for the 11th Hour Theatre Company. The online performance is filled with stories and songs from some of Philly's most talented stars.

For 16 years, the 11th Hour Theatre Company has been bringing intimate boutique musicals to Philadelphia.

"We produce all musicals all the time," says Grayce Hoffman, Director of Communications for the 11th Hour Theatre Company.

The Theater company's pandemic pivot is a virtual series called quarantine cabarets.

"Because we knew a lot of artists who were actually quarantined together and we thought, how wonderful that they have this opportunity to bring the audience actually into their home" explains Grayce.

Real-life couple Elena Camp and Rajeer Alford are the stars of the next installment.

"They are engaged and they also are incredible singers" reveals Grayce, "you can feel the chemistry because they are madly in love."

They'll be streaming from their home in the Philadelphia suburbs.

"They'll be performing in their backyard, in their kitchen for them to be able to put on a full show, just the two of them is really special," Grayce says.

The pair is doing a mix of jazz numbers, tap and musical theater, while also playing a variety of instruments

"If a musical was a bowl of soup, this is what this is what you would get," declares Grayce.

And there is a cooking lesson, too.

"Rajeer learned how to make amazing home fries and asked if he could share a how-to with our audience. And we were like, absolutely, who doesn't love home fries," proclaims Grayce.

The scene inspired the name of the show.

"They are really committed to sharing the music that makes their soul happy with other people," Grayce tells us.

The performance will stream live on Saturday, April 24th and then on demand for two weeks.

The Quarantine Cabarets will also be a part of Philadelphia Theatre Week, which starts on April 22, and they'll be showing in the first weekend.

After that, the next installment of the Quarantine Cabarets will be in May.

The 11th Hour Theatre CompanyQuarantine Cabarets - Home Fries at Home, Music for the Soul
Livestream the performance April 24th at 7:30p.m., replay available for 2 weeks
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