The "Cool Astronomer" on the Travel Mug Podcast

Prepare to blow your mind, or at least bend it really far!

Derrick Pitts, chief astronomer at the Franklin Institute, tells us why he's always looking up, updates us on what will be the world's largest land telescope, why he thinks conspiracy theory groups like "Flat Earthers" gain traction these days, if he's worried we're living in a computer simulation, if time travel is possible, his favorite science fiction movie and whether he'd agree to go to Mars. There's far out, and then there's going too far out - which is why we have Derrick Pitts on the Travel Mug Podcast!

The Travel Mug podcast features several interesting local newsmakers who engage with Matt in candid conversations.

Hear from the "local Dirty Harry," the world's best Van Halen cover band (they're from Philadelphia), a local Black Lives Matter activist and the "Movie Matriarch of the Delaware Valley."

The podcast can be streamed on iTunes or Google Play.

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