How coronavirus is impacting local athletic events

Before tip-off at Jefferson University on Tuesday, there was a pre-game announcement: it was about the coronavirus.

"At tonight's game, we'll be directing people to our hand sanitizer stations, reminding them to wash their hands," said the announcer.

At Gallagher Center, hand sanitizer stations were everywhere. So were signs reminding people about the coronavirus and to practice caution to prevent it

It's clear the impact of it has now fallen upon athletic events or any public gatherings for that matter, but it still hasn't stopped fans from supporting their teams.
In fact, we met Ivan Dsouza, a medical student at Jefferson.

He says he's not worried at all.

"I don't think that coronavirus is that big of a deal. I think it's an over-inflated flu and symptoms are pretty much the same," said Dsouza.

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We didn't speak with anyone that was very concerned or at least at the capacity of a couple of hundred people at the Gallagher Center.

But we asked one woman what about at an event where there would be more people.
Maryellen Krober is East Falls said, "I'd think twice about it. Better safe than sorry kinda thing."

Tuesday night we also caught up with Villanova coach Jay Wright at practice.

He's taking a very cautious approach to things.

He says they're doing whatever the medical experts recommend, even if that means games with no crowd.

"If they say we have to empty arenas, I don't think anyone can argue that. It's serious. We've got to respect what the doctors say," said Wright.

To date, no one has tested positive for the coronavirus in the Delaware Valley.
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