2 years ago: The Dress, llama drama captivated nation

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- One shifting dress and two wayward llamas broke the internet two years ago.

It was February 26, 2015, when the world was fascinated by a dress that looked white and gold...or was it blue and black?

Thanks to a Tumblr post, the debate was the hot topic of conversation that Thursday with the hashtag #TheDress taking over social media.

That was until Kahkneeta and Laney had other ideas.

The two llamas, ages 4 and 1, got loose in a retirement community near Phoenix.

Soon hashtags such as #Llamasontheloose and #TeamLlamas began giving #TheDress some social media competition.

The llamas thwarted numerous attempts by Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies and bystanders to round them up. Both llamas were eventually lassoed.

As for the dress, the maker put an end to the clothing controversy by saying once and for all it was blue and black.

What a day.