The Popalong truck brings Weckerly's, lil Pop Shop treats to you

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Popalong truck is the newest addition to Philadelphia's frozen treat scene.

It's the ice cream sandwiches and scoops from Weckerly's in Fishtown and refreshing popsicles from lil' pop shop in West Philadelphia

What some people might see as competition, Weckerly's co-founder Andy Satinsky and lil' Pop Shop co-founder Jeanne Chang describe as complimentary.

Both makers focus on handcrafting small-batch treats with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and everything done from scratch.

"If you're gonna have a treat, it should be as good as it can possibly be, " Andy says. The two started talking partnership in late 2019 but then 'got pandemic-ed'

They re-opened the Lil' Pop shop in West Philadelphia as a co-branded venture this spring-selling both popsicles and Weckerly's Ice Cream.

You can also get popsicles at Weckerly's Girard Avenue shop.
Lil Pop Shop already had the truck so now-with a new look, a new name and some new seasonal flavors, they're ready to hit the road as a team for catering and special events.

Popalong Truck | To book email |'

lil Pop Shop | | Instagram
265 S 44th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19104
(215) 222-5829

Weckerly's Ice Cream | Instagram
9 W. Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19123
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