The Sustainable Farm at Reading Terminal Market connects people to food they eat

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- At The Sustainable Farm by Custom Cuisine, Chef Christina McCoy is cultivating an indoor vertical farm right inside the historic Reading Terminal Market with all kinds of herbs, greens and various vegetables growing up the walls of her tiny shop.

She's also created a farm-to-skincare line, using the herbs grown right in the store.

And she uses her space to boost other local businesses, particularly women of color.

She carries the candles, incense, body butter and oils of eight other Black women makers.

A trained chef, McCoy became an entrepreneur after the birth of her daughter nearly seven years ago, and she turned to farming after her own battle for good health.

She lost nearly half her body weight and realized that eating fresh, organic real food was the solution but that access and affordability was the problem, particularly in the West Philadelphia neighborhood where she's from.

So now she grows her own. You can buy her organically grown herbs and veggies to eat but her real goal is to show you how to grow your own.

McCoy carries traditional herb gardens with non-GMO seeds and mini hydroponic kits that come with an integrated app that will give you prompts on caring for your plants.

And if you have no outdoor space and therefore no pollinators, McCoy says you can be the bee and pollinate the plant by hand and she'll show you how.

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Reading Terminal Market, Suite D5
12th & Arch Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. 19107
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