The Who postpones Houston concert in middle of show after Roger Daltrey loses voice

HOUSTON, Texas -- There are a lot of disappointed fans of The Who after the big concert in Houston, Texas Wednesday night ended after just a few songs.

Bob Slovak, sports reporter for our sister station KTRK-TV, was in the crowd at the Toyota Center. He tweeted frontman Roger Daltrey lost his voice after eight songs.

"I think I should quit while I am ahead," Daltrey told the audience.

The band took a short break, but a few moments later, guitarist Pete Townshend came back to announce the bad news.

"I am really, really sorry. Roger cannot actually speak now," Townshend said.

Townshend eventually told the crowd that Daltrey has been seeing a vocal surgeon during the tour. The singer decided he could not continue, so the concert was over.
Townshend promised The Who would come back to Houston.

"When we can come back, I don't know, but I swear to you, we will come back and we will honor your tickets. Hang on to them," Townshend said.

KTRK-TV spoke with several other fans who left the concert feeling let down.

"They went off stage for about 10 minutes, came back and said they couldn't continue," one fan said. "They left and said they'll do their best to come back, they promised."

"I'm kind of disappointed because I came from Tampa just for this, and they were just in Tampa, and I didn't see them there, so I was looking forward to this a lot," concert goer Scott Cochran said.
"The concert was good up until then. I think they tried," David Driscoll said. "What can you do when the main guy goes out?"