Upper Dublin police investigating recent car break-ins

UPPER DUBLIN, Pa. (WPVI) -- Upper Dublin Police are working to determine if recent car break-ins are connected to a larger theft ring. Action News spoke to one of the victims.

"They took my handbag with my wallet and all the contents in it. They found what they wanted and they quick snatch it and off they went," she told Action News.

This mom from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania was too afraid to be identified for fear of retaliation.

She was the recent victim of a car theft. Police say the crime happened Wednesday around 10:30 am in this parking lot along Commerce Drive in Fort Washington. It happened while she took her son to swim lessons.

"Scared. Scared for my family. They have my ID and they have my house keys, they have my credit cards, they have everything that makes me who I am. They have my identity so it is just very scary. It's hurtful and it's violating," she says.

Police are not talking on camera because this is still an on-going investigation.

However, officers released images of the person they believe is the suspect and the car he was riding in, which detectives say had stolen plates.

Police say he targeted three vehicles Wednesday morning and stole purses from each of them.

Sources tell Action News police are trying to determine if this crime is connected to The Felony Lane Gang. It's a criminal group known to target gyms, parks and day care centers: all places frequented by women, where they feel safe enough to leave their purses behind.

"Moms are vulnerable to being with. They have a million things going on in their minds. They have multiple kids, they are running from place to place. So they are completely taking advantage of who we are and what we are," she says.

This mom says she's learned her lesson and will never leave valuables in her car again.

She also sounded the alarm on social media to warn other mothers not to make the same mistake.

"The scariest part is they will keep my ID and credit cards for the future. What the detective told me is that they will write a check to me and they will take it to a bank and use my ID and put a disguise on to look like me to cash it," she says.

The investigation of this case is ongoing. Anyone who believes they have information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Upper Dublin Police. This is a common form of theft and residents are cautioned to not leave purses, bags or other personal belongings in plain view in their vehicle.
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