Take a homeless dog on a play date with #RoverAllOver

MEDIA, Pa. -- No need to bring flowers to this date! All these dogs want is some love and compassion from their human friends.

It's a program at Providence Animal Center called "Rover All Over." It's one of several being implemented across the country that encourages spending time with dogs without any obligation to adopt.

The goal is to find forever homes for more dogs. Sometimes, a love connection sparks on a doggy date and seals the deal! But even if a date ends without adoption, the interaction provides valuable information about the dog to help attract potential adopters.

Each human gets a backpack to bring along to their playdate. Goodies inside include a bowl for water, high-value treats, and more.

Currently, the program is in its beginning stages and takes place on Sunday mornings in September. A reservation is required and spaces are limited. With proper resources and enough interest, the program has the potential to continue into October and beyond.

Providence is considered a lifesaving center as it never euthanizes any adoptable animals.

To learn more or sign up for a session, visit their website.