Delicious Easter traditions carry on despite COVID-19 quarantine

YOUR COMMUNITY -- Annual Easter feasts across the Delaware Valley look different this year as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. However, it hasn't stopped families from carrying on their flavorful traditions as usual.

Mary DiSipio is the matriarch of a family in Sewell, New Jersey. Now a grandmother, she has passed down recipes such as "La Pizza Chiena" and "Easter Taralli" for two generations.

These Italian traditions have morphed over time, each having a unique twist depending on whose family you ask. For example, DiSipio's family embeds an uncracked egg within a cross on their Taralli, a colorful cookie-cake hybrid with rainbow sprinkles.

Across the Walt Whitman Bridge, South Philly native Tina Acello Conte spent an entire day baking twelve loaves of Easter Bread. The youngest of seven, she made sure everyone in their family got their hands on the famous tradition passed down by their grandmother. The now-socially distant family can span an entire city block when visiting their living matriarch, Connie.

Each dish serves as a relic of the past and a token of the future. What are some of your Easter traditions? Let us know using the hashtag #6abcation.

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