Vinyl and CDs get a fresh spin at NJ small business

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Vinyls and CDs get a fresh spin at NJ small business
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In a small shop in Haddon Township, this musical purist is making an honest living on the once-faded trade of buying and selling records. Community Journalist Matteo reports.

HADDON TOWNSHIP, N.J. -- Since music has become digitized, songs have become little more than downloadable data. A time where tangible records texturized the zeitgeist has gone by, but not for musical purists like Jim Corso.

He makes his living at Phidelity Records, a small store on Haddon Avenue where he buys and sells records. A nearly 25-year career began during his college years working a summer job at a record store. His love for music stuck fast and he's been in the industry ever since.

Watch our video as we spin the tables of time to discover why music in physical form is coveted even in the age of the iPhone.

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