Downside of nicer weather? More potholes

We're in a nice stretch of weather, especially for February. But the warmer temperatures are also having an unwelcome side effect...


"It's a nightmare," said Su Rudy of Penn Valley.

And PennDOT officials say... you ain't seen nothin' yet!

"It is going to get worse before gets better. I mean winter is not really over yet, and we are just coming off the winter event this past weekend, and now a high in the 70's," said Bob Kent of PennDOT.

He is referring to that "thawing and refreezing cycle" that wreaks havoc on roadways.

And even though this has not been a particularly snowy winter, the recent rains coupled with the wild swing in temperatures we've seen over the past few weeks have proven just as damaging... if not worse.

By way of comparison, PennDOT crews have already used 2,000 thousand tons of asphalt since January 1 to repair potholes.

During that same time period Last year, they only needed 839 tons of asphalt, while they only needed 651 tons in 2016.

If the roller coaster temperatures continue, with a mix of rain and snow, PennDOT officials say this pothole season could easily last until the end of June.

We spoke with a few commuters who say hitting potholes annoying, and paying for the damage they cause is expensive.

"It is not good because it costs all of us a lot of money when that happens," said Rudy.

"I had a few friends that already wound up at the mechanics and tires needed to be fixed and it's just horrible," said Shacorrah Grace of Southwest Philadelphia.

Here are some ways to report potholes to get them fixed:

Call: 311 or (215) 686-5560
Or click to report a pothole in Philadelphia


Report a pothole to PennDOT:

Report a pothole in New Jersey

Report a pothole in Delaware
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