Good Samaritan rescues 6-year-old boy from burning pick-up truck

GLASCO, Del. (WPVI) -- A Good Samaritan rescued a 6-year-old boy from a burning pick-up truck after it collided with a tractor-trailer and burst into flames in Glasgow, Delaware.

Action News spoke exclusively with Eladio de Shielvs, a grandfather of 11, Friday night about his heroic actions.

The crash happened after 2 a.m. on Routes 40 and 896.

Initial reports indicate a Ford F-150 may have crossed Route 896, and ended up on the southbound side.

The truck was then rear-ended, which sent it across the highway. Police say the pick-up truck then burst into flames.

The two adults in the truck managed to get out, but a 6-year-old boy became trapped in the rear.

That's when Eladio sprang into action.

"Joe, the guy I work for, he said it looks like someone is stuck inside the car," said Eladio.

Indeed it was that 6-year-old he and others saw, and knew time was running out.

"There was several people trying to pull him out of the car with me," said Eladio.

Eladio noticed a fire extinguisher from the tractor-trailer. But it didn't work so he used it as a hammer.

"I looked down and I saw the fire extinguisher. I picked it up and start banging the window until it broke."

But the boy's leg was stuck. The flames were getting bigger. So big others ran away. Eladio did not.

"Everybody started backing off from the car, and I don't know what it was. I didn't want to leave the car," said Eladio. "It was the kid. It was the kid's life. I didn't want to leave the car."

Thankfully, an officer showed up with a working extinguisher and together the two saved the day.

"He sprayed down that back. I think that might've lubricated the child's leg, and the officer grabbed a hold and I grabbed a hold, and we pulled the child out of the car," said Eladio. "And I gave him a hug because I was happy he was out."
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