Pennsylvania Turnpike plans to be cashless by fall 2021

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- After four years of testing, the Pennsylvania Turnpike says it plans to move ahead with a $129 million project to become a completely cashless toll system in two years, eliminating hundreds of toll collecting and auditing positions along the way.

The Turnpike Commission says it is moving ahead with the $129 million plan to install the system over the next two years, with every toll plaza replaced by overhead gantries by the year 2026.

The turnpike will then charge all non-EZ Pass customers through a system called toll-by-plate.

That essentially means they will track you down by taking a photo of your license plate and send you a bill.

With that said, commission spokesperson Carl DeFebo says most turnpike users in the Delaware Valley will hardly even notice the change.

"The Greater Philadelphia area has the highest region of penetration for EZ Pass. At some interchanges our EZ Pass usage is approximately 90 percent."

In fact, most of the commuters we spoke with today say this sounds OK to them.

"For me, I have an EZ Pass anyhow. So, it really doesn't affect me either way," said Amy Lettich of Plymouth Meeting.

Other commuters had a different take.

"New rules are implied to us every day and there is really nothing you can do about it. You have to live with it or be penalized," said Rodger Slocum of Olney.

The jobs of the 600 remaining toll collectors and toll auditors will be eliminated, but officials say they will have the opportunity to move into other turnpike jobs or to take classes at the turnpike's expense.
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