Philadelphia rolls out new interactive online paving map

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The problem: potholes and rough bumpy streets in Philadelphia.

A solution: Repaving.

Summer is the repaving season, and the city's goal is to repave 95 of it's 2,100 miles of streets in 2019.

How do you know if your street or a road you regularly travel is on the repaving list?

Last week the Philadelphia Streets Department unveiled a new interactive online map, part of Street Smart PHL.

You can click on a city map that includes a colorful display. As you navigate the map you can determine if the street you are looking for is on the list.

Street's Commission Carlton Williams says updated information is uploaded into the online system on a weekly basis.

For now, the map lacks expected start and stop dates but that is the goal, says Williams.

He explains the map is in "its initial launch and it is in beta form." He said the department is working on getting projected start and stop dates incorporated into the interactive display.

In the meantime there are several backups to alert residents the paving process will begin.

Robocalls are made about a week prior to the work. Informative tags are placed on front doors a few days later. An important message is to inform residents cars parked on the street must move on certain days or they will be towed.

Williams says the department is committed to minimizing the impact of street repaving. He believes the more residents are informed the better the process will be for everyone.
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