Dash cam video of creepy fake road block on New Jersey Turnpike

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (WPVI) -- Some video can only be described as creepy.

A man pulls up to a roadblock on a New Jersey highway. He's not approached by a cop, but by a stranger who emerges from the shadows.

So who was he and what did he want?

His dashboard camera was recording, and Ivan Tukhtin was all alone on the New Jersey Turnpike's deserted Newark Bay Extension Sunday night, when the creepy encounter unfolded in an instant.

Two cones blocked his path as a mysterious man, hidden in the shadows by a car in the shoulder, sauntered towards him.


"The first thing that pops into my mind was, why don't I see any hazards on the car, then I see the person, maybe he's in trouble, maybe he needs help," Tukhtin told WABC-TV.

"Can I help you with something?" Tukhtin asked in the video.

"Yes," the man said in the video.

The third year law student says the man said only "yes" then put his hands in his pockets and Tukhtin wasn't about to stick around. He later pulled over and called 911.

"There's a car parked on the side of the road with two cones in the middle of the street trying to pull people over," Tukhtin said in the 911 call.

"You read about the stuff on the internet, people impersonating police, could have been a hijacking, could have been a robbery," Tukhtin said.

He wasn't the only person who called. After a second 911 call, New Jersey State Police found the man and another, and arrested them both, one for DWI.

It still isn't clear what their intentions were, though Ivan Tukhtin thinks he does and is glad he had the presence of mind to get out of there when he did.

"I personally think it was a robbery because someone who needs help doesn't take these kinds of extreme measures. I'm just glad I wasn't hurt," Tukhtin said.

37-year-old Kareem Walston from Orange, New Jersey was arrested for DWI. 36-year-old Hashen Clark from Jersey City was arrested for hindering. Detectives are continuing to investigate this incident.
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