Action News hears from riders on board SEPTA train

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Action News went aboard a SEPTA train to see what riders will be experiencing until the entire fleet is back.

We boarded Wednesday evening at Suburban Station in Center City where the platform remained packed.

Once on board the Warminster Line, riders filed down the narrow aisle with no seats in sight.

"It was packed. It seemed not as crazy as yesterday, but it's still crazy," Cristen Prescott of Glenside, Pa. said.

"The crowds are about the same, a few seats yesterday, a few seats today," Michael James of Delaware County said.

Wednesday was day two of SEPTA's limited schedule after 120 railcars were sidelined because of a defect.

"It's not terrible, it's mostly annoying that there's only a train every hour instead of every half an hour," Kevin Witbrodt of Logan Square said.

One of the biggest thing we noticed is that while these trains may be crowded, people are not standing in the vestibules like they were on Tuesday.

It didn't take long for Pam Keys of Glenside to master commuting comfortably.

"The key seems to be to patient, and wait not necessarily for your regular train," Keys said.

"It is what it is, if you have to take public transportation, you have to deal with the situation," Barbara Kelliehan of Glenside said.

It means for the weeks to come, overcrowded trains is the new normal.

"This is the second day, if it gets better that's great, if not, it will pretty much be the same old story," James said.
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