Baby girl helps flight attendant greet passengers on Southwest flight

RENO, Nev. (WPVI) -- A baby girl became the spotlight of a flight when a kind flight attendant introduced her to other passengers.

Savannah Blum and her 19-month-old daughter, Brittan, were on a Southwest flight traveling from Austin, Texas to Reno, Nevada with a stop in Las Vegas on Saturday, April 6th.

While the plane was on the ground in Las Vegas, a flight attendant, named Jessica, noticed that Brittan was getting a bit restless.

Jessica offered to take the little girl as she completed pre-flight tasks, such as closing luggage compartments and greeting passengers.

Brittan was happy to join Jessica, and even began to blow kisses to her fellow passengers.

The adorable moment was captured on video and posted to Facebook with the caption, "Everyone loves this little girl -- even Southwest passengers and flight attendants."

The video has since garnered over 4,000 views.
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