Hilarious: Kidnapped garden gnome finally returns after cross-country travels

A kidnapped garden gnome went on a cross-country adventure before being returned to its owner this past week. (Bret Kraupie)

There's no place like gnome.

Barb and Bret Kraupie of Snoqualmie, Washington were finally reunited with their Jimmy, their beloved garden gnome who had gone missing earlier this summer. But Jimmy returned with an envelope full of photographs detailing the gnome's cross-country travels.

"We were walking the dogs Tuesday night and when we came back it was just starting to get dark and there he was, in the middle of porch with the envelope of printed pictures," Bret told ABC News.

Apparently Jimmy has seen some pretty nifty destinations including Mt. Rushmore and the Grand Canyon on his grand travels.

"He went everywhere, Nebraska, Kansas, out west in general, they did this whole big loop. It's pretty interesting. I don't know if we'll ever find out who took him on vacation," Bret said.

Check out the gallery above to see Jimmy the gnome's adventures across the USA.
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