Holiday travel by planes, trains and cars

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It's one of the busiest travel days of the year with almost half a million Philadelphia-area residents expected to hit the skies, rails and roads for Thanksgiving.

Getting around Wednesday prooved to be challenging for some travelers.

We spoke with the Brattons Wednesday night, who were in the middle of an 11-hour drive with two young children from Charlotte, North Carolina, to New York.

"All the bathroom breaks, and food breaks. Screaming," said Kecha and Mitch Bratton from Charlotte.

The trek to Philadelphia International Airport wasn't easy either. A steady stream of break lights filled the exit ramp on Interstate 95.

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The AAA says 90 percent of those of us who are traveling this holiday will travel by car.

"It's really rough," said Vincent Pitts of North Philadelphia.

"From the south exit around Oregon Avenue, it took me about 45 minutes to get here, to this point," said Yolanda McBride of North Philadelphia.

"It's a hurry to go nowhere," said Bob Kroh of Warminster.

Flyers, like the Kroh family, touched down and were forced to tack on more time to their already lengthy travel day.

"We gave ourselves four hours for a bus ride from Disney World Resorts to the airport, and it took probably two hours to get there, another hour for security, flights was delayed and we're finally here to wait some more with traffic," said Bob Kroh of Warminster.

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Thanksgiving eve is one of the busier flying days of the year, but inside Philadelphia International Airport it seems to be business as usual.

At 30th Street Station, the big board spelled out more headaches as police investigated a pedestrian hit by a train in Newark, Delaware.

"It's saying everything is delayed, so I'm just guessing that's my train, too," said Elizabeth Gallagher of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

"We've been here for a bit, but that's OK. We're holding out OK. Our dog not as much," said Madeline McLennon from Collinswood, New Jersey.

Still, most people heading out for the holidays are expected to travel by car.

As for the Brattons, they tell us their travels haven't been bad.

And while Wednesday might have seemed challenging for some, Sunday will prove to be another busy day of travel, regardless of how you're returning home.
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