What's The Deal: Costly summer travel mistakes

With the unofficial start of summer just about a week and a half away, most of us are already making plans. But Money Talks News says before you book, consider these five costly summer travel mistakes.
It may be tempting to travel during summer's peak holidays, but you will pay for it. Not only will your favorite destinations and attractions be more crowded, but they will cost more.

Money Talks News says to consider less popular summer weeks.

Before you hit the beach, Money Talks News says secure your valuables. From wallets to phones to keys, either get a waterproof case, leave someone in the group in charge, or leave what you can at home.

When you do leave home for a trip, have a plan for your mail. Allowing letters, magazines, and the like, to pile up lets thieves know you're not at home. Put a neighbor or friend in charge, or put your mail and newspaper delivery on hold.

Considering travel insurance? Money Talks News says don't pay for insurance you don't need. Your credit card might already come with insurance policies for trip cancellation, car rentals, and more.

Finally, before you hit the road, consider a summer auto tune-up.

Properly inflated tires can increase your gas mileage. Also, AAA says get that battery checked. The signs of a bad battery can be slow cranking or dim headlights when you start your car.

If it's slow to crank, then that could mean the battery is going bad.

Also, check your air conditioning. You're going to need it in the summer heat

AAA says if you're noticing it's just not getting as cold as it used to, you might need a recharge and that's a lot less expensive that letting it run all the way down and other parts fail you.

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