Task forces prepare to deploy to Saint Croix, Puerto Rico ahead of Tropical Storm Dorian

MIAMI (WPVI) -- A team of 210 people from nearly 30 different fire departments were packing and prepping Monday to head into Tropical Storm Dorian's path.

"We start getting all of our equipment ready to go. The members start coming in," Miami Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Scott Dean said.

Dean said FEMA has activated Task Force 2, sending the group to Saint Croix ahead of Dorian. Task Force 1 headed Monday afternoon to Puerto Rico.

"In this particular situation, we're going to be there before the storm hits, so we'll get a little familiarized with the area that we will be responsible for," Dean said. "We'll weather the storm where our base of operations will be located, and then as soon as the storm goes through and it's safe, our members will go into the streets and start operations and protect the search-and-rescue efforts."

The teams train for this type of event. They've been through Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Harvey and have assisted in search-and-rescue missions in numerous places.

Dean said they try to be prepared for any situation, but every storm is different, so they prepare for the worst and fly over, ready and willing to serve.
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