SEPTA police respond in minutes to Twitter user's report

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Monday, September 7, 2015
Credit: SEPTA Police

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- See something, say something.

Police have been telling loyal citizens that motto for years.

These days, it could be changed to see something, tweet something.

On Sunday night, a passenger on a train tweeted SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel about someone allegedly using heroin on the Market Frankford Line.

Nestel quickly replied back, "Where is the train now?" and "Description of offender?"

A few minutes later, Nestel responded, "Thank you. We got him at 34th Street!"

While he says the offender could face a warning or be charged with possession of narcotics, he was very thankful for the tip.

"Quick reporting and good info. I love when riders help the Transit Police!" Nestel tweeted.

He said it took a total of eight minutes from the first report to police contact with the 30-year-old male.

Nestel tweeted police will pull video from the train and look into how they can help the person. The investigation is ongoing.

This was one of many examples of social media aiding authorities in recent years.

Just last year, a Twitter user helped police track down suspects in a Center City attack.

As for the latest social media assist, Nestel summarized the quick action in one word - "Awesome."