Chicago teen says Uber Pool driver tried to abduct her

CHICAGO -- An 18-year-old woman said her driver attempted to abduct her at the end of an Uber Pool ride.

She spoke exclusively with our sister WLS-TV in Chicago about the terrifying ordeal.

"My door was locked, so I couldn't get out of the car, so I looked over at him or whatever and he was already staring at me," said Jasmin Wimbley.

Wimbley had her mother Theresa Peoples at her side when she spoke about the rideshare experience that left her shaken.

"I'm just glad that she was thinking fast, and she was acting fast. And she got out of the situation," said Peoples.

Jasmin said Thursday morning she ordered an Uber Pool. The driver arrived with two other passengers, forcing Jasmin to sit in the front.

The first passenger was dropped off. Jasmin said she was supposed to get out next near, but instead, she said, the driver skipped her destination and drove to drop off the remaining rider.

Along the way, Jasmin said the driver turned off her ride.

"According to Uber, I'm not in your car anymore," she explained.

When the other passenger exited, Jasmin said she tried to leave but her door was locked. She had to manually unlock it.

"As I'm getting out the car, he, like, grabs my jacket part. But I yanked away real quick, so it slipped out his hand," she said.

Jasmin said she ran to a bus stop. The Uber driver at first backed up to try to get her, but he eventually left.

"You're thinking that they're safe because they're in a car," Peoples said. "My kids will never be in another Uber. Never."

Detectives are investigating the incident. An Uber spokesperson said the driver has been removed from its platform and the company is cooperating with investigators.


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