Brutal beating of Uber driver caught on camera

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
VIDEO: Brutal beating of Uber driver
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The brutal beating of an Uber driver was caught on camera in California.

ORANGE CO., Calif. (WPVI) -- A driver is recovering after a brutal beating caught on camera inside an Uber vehicle in Orange County, California.

Video shows passenger Benjamin Golden, who was allegedly intoxicated, falling over and struggling to give directions in the back seat of Uber driver Edward Caban's car.

Caban pulled over in a parking lot and asked Golden, 32, to leave the vehicle.

That's when Golden attacked.

"Next thing I know, he's just beating me over the head," said Caban.

In the video, Golden is seen punching Caban several times and pulling his hair.

Caban was able to defend himself using pepper spray.

The video got the attention of local Uber drivers in Philadelphia.

"It was horrible. I mean things happen and, the later you get, if the people drink a lot, sometimes you have to be careful," said Randy Livingston of Oaklyn, New Jersey.

"In my case, if I do have something like that happen, I would have done the same thing," said Hatim Barrie.

Uber driver Steve Noland of West Philadelphia said he had to kick two guys out his car Saturday night after they started smoking a joint.

"It's very scary, it's no protection," said Noland.

Some drivers tell Action News it's just a matter of taking precautions.

"I try to stay away at night time also because sometimes you have people who they might be excessively drinking so I wouldn't want to be in that situation," said Christian Taveras of Northeast Philadelphia.

Other drivers said Uber's "no cash" policy and the customers personal information on file makes them feel safe enough.

"You're dealing with a company that doesn't deal with cash straight on so ... at the end of the day, Uber has your information, has the customer's information so if you do something, they're gonna catch on to it any way," said Robin Puello of Northeast Philadelphia.

Police said Golden has been arrested and charged with assault and public intoxication.

Action News was informed Monday night that Golden has also been fired from his position as an executive at Taco Bell.

Uber officials said they have permanently banned him from using their service ever again.