Ugly Christmas sweater shop hires singing applicants

DALLAS (WPVI) -- There's a man in Texas who started a business selling ugly Christmas sweaters and his hiring practices are as unique as his products.

Jeremy Turner is the owner of the Dallas-based Ugly Sweater Shop.

Jeremy needed some extra hires for the season so he had job applicants like mother-daughter Alex and Brittany Ramirez talk about themselves in a tape.

And then dance!

So they did - as did Diane McCusker who made her case in rhyme.

"I'm a solid honest worker not a slacker not a shirker," McCusker said on her application video.

But why dancing?

"By doing that, it showed us that you were willing to have fun," Turner said.

Well, here's what Jeremy did. He hired everybody!

And now Diane is selling those ugly sweaters, just like Jeremy likes to sing about.

But we say ugly is in the eye of the beholder.
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