Neighbors 'Light Up the Town' for Pennsylvania girl battling brain cancer

ULSTER TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A neighborhood in Northeastern Pennsylvania is breaking out the holiday lights a little early this year, but there's a good reason for it - it's all to bring joy to one little who is battling for her life.

Some say it's too early for Christmas lights, but it's all worth it to get a smile from 6-year-old Ariah Cook.

"The brighter we shine for her, the brighter her light shines forever," Amber Gray told WNEP-TV.

Amber Gray and Jody Davidson are Ariah's neighbors in Ulster Township, Bradford County and the women behind the effort to "light up the town" for Ariah.

They are encouraging neighbors to put up holiday decorations ranging from Halloween to Christmas and even Easter, all to make Ariah smile.

"And we had an Olaf donated this morning, and we have a bunny coming tomorrow. And she just told us we had to add a kitty and a doggy to it, so we will get our hands on a kitty and a dog," said Amber.

Ariah was diagnosed with brain cancer in January. The tumor in her brain cannot be removed.

"I have some past family history with this, so I'm very familiar with it, but just to bring happiness to our hometown small community is really what it's all about and they know that we're here for them for anything," said Jody.
Jody and Amber only came up with this idea about a week ago, but they've already received an outpouring of community support.

"Everybody's lit up and people have really, really taken to the idea, and it's spreading really quickly," said Amber.

Last week when Ariah was returning from a five-day hospital stay, multiple area fire companies showed up to escort her home in style.

"Oh she was so happy sitting when she was in the truck. She sat and pointed at all the people standing along the road. I sat there crying saying, 'Yeah, that's all for you, honey. That's all for you.'," said Ariah's grandmother, Nancy McConnell.

The family and neighbors say the lights make Ariah so happy that they probably won't even take them down after the holidays are over.
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