UPS Access Points allow package pickup at stores

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015
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Access points are local businesses where people can drop off their prepaid packages and also receive packages.

CENTER CITY (WPVI) -- The holiday shopping season offers thieves a greater opportunity to snatch those parcels left at the front door.

But, UPS has come up with a solution.

They are called access points, local businesses where people can drop off their prepaid packages and also receive packages without having to worry about if they will be stolen.

Lisa Cosgrove is serving up a lot more than baked goods these days at the Bakeshop on Twentieth and while she's used to praise for her pastries, now she's getting praise for parcels.

"Everyone who comes in is thanking us over and over again because it's a safe place for them to come pick up their package," Cosgrove said.

The Bakeshop on Twentieth in Center City is a UPS Access Point which means you can have any UPS package delivered here and stored for as long as seven days until you can pick it up.

Businesses get 50-cents per parcel, but Cosgrove says it's the marketing and community perks that are especially sweet.

"Because it's a way of getting the Bakeshop out there and getting the neighbors to know about us," Cosgrove said.

UPS launched the program more than a year ago and since the summer, businesses in more than 100 cities across the country have started taking part.

"We send our security folks prior to them going live to make sure the packages are secure, there's cameras, alarms and we approve all those locations before they go live," a UPS spokeswoman said.

If there's a UPS Access Point within a quarter of a mile where you live, UPS will automatically deliver your package there after the first attempt to deliver to your home.

Your notice will reflect that.

"This way it reduces second and third attempt, fuel, emissions," the spokeswoman said.

You can also have a package sent directly to any access point of your choosing or redirect a package there.

Just sign up to be a UPS My Choice customer, it's free.

To pick up, bring a photo ID showing your address matches the one on the package or bring your UPS tracking slip.

"We scan the package and have them sign it with the electronic device and hand them the package," Cosgrove said.

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