Fishtown's Urban Exchange Project specializes in retail UPcycling

Urban Exchange Project is taking retail recycling to a whole new level.

The store has also found a way to go virtual in these unique times.

They UPcycle clothes so nothing goes to waste, and they also donate to people in need.

No waste, fashion recycling and a whole lot of creativity.

Inside the Fishtown and Roxborough locations, you can find jewelry, sunglasses, hats, purses and clothing for all occasions.

"We have killer vintage T's here for anywhere from concert tees to vintage Looney Tunes," says Jenna Gorman, the designer at Urban Exchange Project.

The shop specializes in vintage, name brand, second-hand items, but you can also buy handmade one-of-a-kind items.

"Everyone's about that coveted piece now, something that nobody else can find," Gorman says.

Gorman's father founded the shop.

"My dad's an artist, my mom's an artist," she says.

And so is her younger brother.

"He makes the faces line," she says.

Jenna creates the bleached tie dye styles you'll see throughout the store.

"We were seeing so many good pieces, all name brand items that maybe you just have like a little blemish," she explains. "Looks like somebody's got bleach on it. I'll just add some more!"

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the shop is online-only for now. But when it reopens be sure to check out the monthly fill-a-bag sale.

"You buy this bag for $30 and fill it up with anything downstairs," Gorman says. "When you can literally shove anything into a bag that you want for $30, people just go nuts."

The vintage inspired patches are also a big hit.

"There's some that people come in and they're like, I had this when I was a teenager," Gorman says.
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