Florida Dairy Queen takes to Social Media to reunite little girl with her toy

Thursday, April 4, 2019
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Florida DQ takes to Social Media to reunite little girl with her toy. Watch the report in the video player above.

OVIEDO, Fla. -- A little girl lost her stuffed toy at a Dairy Queen store in Florida. Now, the store is trying to reunite them with some creative use of social media.

WESH reports the beloved stuffed dog belongs to a little girl who dined with her mother at the Dairy Queen on West Mitchell Hammock Road in Oviedo.

On Saturday, March 23 a mother and her daughter came into Dairy Queen to sit down and eat. Then they left the restaurant not realizing they left the dog on the bench.

However, they did come back in looking for it.

"...But the employees couldn't find it at that time, so it wasn't until later we actually could find the dog," said store manager, Ryan Allen.

Employees found the pink-eared pooch while they were cleaning up and after that started a Facebook campaign to get the dog back to its owner.

Each day Dairy Queen has the dog on a new adventure.

"I told them to take a picture every day, let's put it in a new location, let's get to some buzz about it let's try to get this dog back to this little girl," said Allen.

Today's post has a puppy with a new friend until they can find the old ones.

"They were wearing a school uniform, so I'm pretty sure they are from here in Florida, but they are not local to Oviedo, so I mean any of the surrounding schools and things like that, maybe they were visiting friends and family," added Allen.

The store manager says he can definitely relate because he has a three-year-old son.

"It touched me just because I know if it were my son, I would want to get this back," said Allen.

He hopes to reunite this precious pooch with its rightful owner.

"Your little puppy is in good hands and we'll take care of her until you come and we'll get you some ice cream when you can," said Allen.

Some of the store's posts have more than a thousand shares on social media.