California police dispatcher helps deliver baby over 911 phone call

VALLEJO, Calif. (WPVI) -- A Vallejo Police Department 911 dispatcher was credited for helping a woman deliver a baby over the phone.

In a cheerful Facebook post, Vallejo PD shared the story of how they received a phone call on Dec. 21 around 8 p.m. by a frantic Vallejo resident who "was in a complete panic and unsure of what to do," reporting her 27-year-old daughter was in labor.

Susan Hart VPD dispatcher used her prior Emergency Medical Dispatch training to calm the situation. She informed the caller that paramedics were on the way and provided necessary steps to birth the baby in case the baby decided to come before EMS arrival.

Hart said the family was doing a great job.

"They were just so great. I mean they seem so calm considering and just really encouraging to the gal that was giving birth," Hart said.

Six minutes into the call, the baby decided to arrive at 8:09 p.m., according to dispatch records.

Moments later, Vallejo Fire Engine Company 25 Paramedic, Stephen Kay arrived on scene and helped cut the umbilical cord while preparing to transport both mother and baby to the hospital. The baby was born four pounds and 12 ounces.

"When the mom asked who cut the umbilical cord and what my name was. That's when it kind of started to set it in a little bit, so first time I ever cut an umbilical cord," Kay said.

Kay had been working four days straight through the Christmas holiday and this happened at the end of his 12-hour shift.

"This is one of those incidences which will probably never leave my mind," Kay said.

"It was just really kind of cool when the paramedics had arrived my line was still open so I was able to listen and just was really happy everything was going so well," Hart said.

Corliss Mucker was the one listening to Hart's directions on the phone. It was her granddaughter that was giving birth at her house.

"It was just a flood of emotions going through us like, ok I'm excited, ok I got to stay calm. I put my hand down and I mean just out of nowhere the baby starts popping out and I thought, oh my god no," Mucker said.

Her great-grandson was due Feb. 6.

"It was just amazing because the baby wasn't due until February and here it is December, the shower is in January. She hasn't had a baby shower she hasn't had anything yet," Mucker said.

A name hasn't been picked out yet.

Corliss and her family say they are grateful for the first responders that helped deliver a small but healthy baby boy.

"I commend them for everything they do on a daily basis I did it once and that one time was enough for me!" Mucker said.

"The holiday season has a different meaning now, other than Christmas we have another bundle of joy," Mucker said.
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