Vandal targets Philadelphia's historic Reading Terminal Market

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Surveillance cameras captured a man armed with what appeared to be a paint sprayer, pumping paint onto the windows of Reading Terminal Market.

The south side of the nearly 130-year-old building was a target of vandalism.

"We saw an individual who looked liked they were very intentionally garbed and carrying a paint, or what appears to be a paint gun, and sprayed the entire block," said Annie Allman, CEO, GM of Reading Terminal.

One suspect and an undisclosed amount of damage was discovered Thursday morning.

"We've seen some graffiti, never the length that it hit," said Vincent Iovine.

Iovine, whose windows were damaged, has been at Reading Terminal for 30 years.

The windows were power washed, but the paint left serious damage on the historic brick and wood siding that will now have to be restored.

It's not clear what prompted the vandalism, but Philadelphia police are aware and are investigating.

"It is is salt in the wound, but we have an incredibly resilient merchant family here and incredibly loyal customers," Allman said.

Next week, Reading Terminal will launch online summer fundraisers to raise money for building expenses.

Repairing the damage will be one of those things.

If you recognize the man in the surveillance video, you're asked to contact police.
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