Need a way to learn long division? Students create song in viral video

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WPVI) -- "Divide, multiply and subtract! Break it on down and bring it on back."

If you say it enough, you'll probably have it memorized in no time. At least, that's the goal for some students at La Core Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida.

Nadine Ebri, a fourth-year teacher, told ABC13 that her fourth grade students turn everything into a song.

"That's how they remember, so I let them," Ebri said.

In the viral video, her students are reviewing math problems involving long division. Math, of course, is a subject that Ebri says she and her students love.

"I really, really love math," she added. "I think they (students) see it."

To learn long division, the students came up with the idea to create a song.

"I always hear that teachers dreaded teaching long division! Well, not anymore!" Ebri posted on Facebook. Her viral video has been shared over 100,000 times.

With the newfound fame across the internet, Ebri said her students are excited to see the video going viral.

"They're seriously the most crunk class ever! LOL," she added.
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