Health concerns over virtual reality headsets

Some doctors are raising concerns about whether virtual reality headsets could cause health problems, especially in young children.

It's so real, that people forget it's not real.

Virtual reality has people, literally falling over themselves as it immersed them into a 3-D world of sport, adventure, and even danger.

The virtual reality headsets are expected to be on a lot of kids' Christmas lists, but are they causing real world concerns

Dr. Rudrani Banik says "Virtual reality is still a very new technology, and it is still evolving. And, we really don't know yet what the impact may be on children."

Dr. Banik says these headsets could cause long-term issues for young children.

"In virtual reality the brain is only getting input from the eyes. And, we don't know if that isolated input is really going to have an impact on the other senses on how we integrate and experience," she said.

But the technology is so new that it hasn't been studied.

Manufacturers of virtual reality headsets warn, they're not for young kids.

Samsung says its products are for kids 13 and up. While PlayStation recommends their products for kids 12 and up.

The truth is, no one really knows the impact. So in the meantime, what's a parent to do?

Experts say moderation is most important when allowing our children to use these devices.
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