Kansas waitress tells Governor to 'tip the schools,' not her

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Monday, May 4, 2015
VIDEO: Waitress asks governor to tip schools
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One waitress had a tip for the governor.

TOPEKA, Kansas -- A Kansas waitress has become a social media superstar after she served the governor and refused a tip from him.

Chloe Hough works at Boss Hawg's BBQ in Topeka.When Gov. Sam Brownback came to dine at the restaurant, she says she turned the chance to serve him into what she calls a "mic dropping moment." Hough reached out to her Facebook friends asking what she should do in the rare occasion.

While bringing him his check, she had a tip for him.

"I just printed out his receipt and I thought I am going to cross out my tip line. And then I said I should write tips the schools," said Hough.

One Kansas waitress made a bold statement to governor Sam Brownback by telling him to tip the schools.

Hough then posted an image of the tip to Facebook where it generated over 1,000 shares. Many on Twitter shared messages of support for the waitress and her bold move.

Hough says the governor's recent education cuts affected her family, including her sister, who has special needs. In response to her new online fame, Hough started a Go Fund Me page titled "Tip the Schools," hoping to raise awareness and funding for schools in Kansas.

"We went viral with the Sam Brownback tip the schools receipt, so let's DO something about it now!" Hough wrote on the GoFundMe page. "I pledge to donate every CENT this account raises to schools in Kansas. Education matters! Let's make progress."

In March, Brownback signed the state's "block grant" change funding public education, transforming funding from a complicated process to a relatively simple one. This received much objection from school districts, teachers and other officials, and was passed by the legislature in a few days, according to KSNT.

"The way I understand it, zero percent of Kansas educators voted in favor of it," Hough said. "[Brownback] and his followers are robbing Kansas of equal opportunity."

Brownback did end up tipping Hough 10 percent on the check and told KSNT that "it's a person's right to voice their opinion...good or bad."