Philadelphia dad creates inexpensive and easily transportable 'Warby Parker of strollers'

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- If you've ever been shopping for baby gear and found yourself wandering the aisles, stumped and in sticker shock, a local dad feels your pain.

When he couldn't find something easy and affordable with an intimate shopping experience, he created it himself right here in Philadelphia.

"Everything you need and nothing you don't is our philosophy," says Ted Iobst.

Now a dad of three, his business plan was born from real-life need.

"We had this experience buying baby products that left us feeling like we overpaid for things that didn't even meet our needs and spent way too much time doing it. I just knew there had to be a better way," said Iobst.

At the time, Iobst was expecting twins and getting his MBA at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

"It's sort of the birthplace of direct consumer," he says, "Warby Parker, Harry's, Dagne Dover - the list goes on and on."

Still in school, he got the wheels turning on Colugo.

The idea? Cut out the middle man, driving down the price and increasing the personal connection.

"I just became really passionate about solving these problems for parents, the same ones I had," Iobst says.

His vision was an easy, stylish stroller system with machine washable and interchangeable fabric that doesn't cost a fortune. And you get to test it on your own turf.

"You can try it for 100 days and if, at any point, for any reason, you are not satisfied, send it back," Iobst said.

The "co" in Colugo is for community. The "go" is all about get up and go!

"It takes three seconds, it's just one move," he says. "You don't have to be a rocket scientist to fold it and unfold it."

The Colugo Compact stroller is 16 pounds and comes with a backpack.

"It's great to travel with, it will fit in the overhead and it will fit in your coat closet," Iobst says.

There's an organizer that detaches from the stroller so you can wear it. If your kid takes off at the park, you don't have to leave your valuables behind.

Their baby carrier has been seen on the likes of celebrities like Kate Hudson.

"It has magnetic buckles so you can put it on by yourself," Iobst said. "You are not reliant on a partner to do that."

The customer service team, made up of real-life parents, is right here in Philadelphia.

"We wanted to sort of let parents know that you're not alone," he said. "We've got you. You've got this!"

When it comes to starting a business here in Philadelphia, Iobst told 6abc that if you have a dream and a vision - go for it.

"I've never seen a community that wants you to succeed more," he said.
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