Kicking off the weekend with mild January weather

HADDONFIELD, N.J. (WPVI) -- On a Friday evening in downtown Haddonfield, it's not unusual to see lots of people out and about. But no coats? In January? That's out of the ordinary.

"We knew the weather was gonna be nice today so we decided to take a ride up here to Haddonfield," said Barbara Morrow of Millville, N.J. who was spending the day with her two daughters.

The mild weather brought people out in droves on Friday afternoon.

"I've got my Jeep, I've got the top back, I've been driving around with it all day it's beautiful," said Chelsea Krier of Haddonfield.

She grabbed her pup and enjoyed some activities they don't normally do this time of year.

"Took him out to Crows Woods for a little hike. It was beautiful. A little slippery but it was nice," said Krier.

For business owners, the timing couldn't be better, with a sidewalk sale already on the books for this weekend. People were strolling, sitting on benches, and snacking.

"We've had a lot of foot traffic because it's so beautiful and it's a sidewalk sale. People are out and about so it's been a great day," said Holly Rowell of Weichert Haddonfield.

In Center City folks enjoyed ice skating at Dilworth Park, and some were just sitting, enjoying the sunshine.

Many say the mild weather gave them the perfect start to the weekend.

"I cannot believe it. I wish it would just stay like this," said Beth Oliver of Millville, N.J.
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