Teaching teens to dress for cold

Maybe it's a no-brainer for you to bundle up in frigid weather.

But if you've got a teenager, you've probably had some battles on getting them to do it.

Many teens think it's cool to not do what adults do, to push the limits - even when it could endanger them.

Experts say parents should resist a teen's insistence they'll be OK with light clothing.

"Sometimes parents feel that they need to give in to that, but it really is important for children of all ages to be kept warm below freezing temperatures, risk of frostbite is our most significant concern," said Dr. Kimberly Giuliano, pediatrician.

Dr. Giuliano suggests explaining the effects of frostbite.

If they understand why you're concerned, they'll be more likely to comply.

Another tactic is a shopping trip to buy winter gear that's warm, but still has a "cool" factor.
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