Plants enthusiasts say spring-like temps could have domino effect

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- As Philadelphia experiences warmer than normal temperatures, plant enthusiasts say it's not necessarily a good thing.

At the Morris Arboretum, Azalea Meadow Horticulturist Lucy Dinsmore said there are a lot of plants in early bloom due to the spring-like temperatures.

"With things blooming earlier, things being warmer, the grounds are not freezing, we're not getting that snow cover, we're getting rain instead which can cause erosion and just a lot of problems," said Dinsmore.

Gardener Diana Donaldson said she hopes the temperatures drop soon.

"I plant spring bulbs and they need a hard freeze to then come up, and if we're not freezing, then they could come up prematurely and when it does get cold or it snows, then they're going to get killed," said Donaldson.

Dinsmore explained that pollinators like bees and flies are now out of sync with their prematurely blooming plants.

"The bugs and the insects are supposed to be dormant right now and kind of storing their reserves for the coming season," said Dinsmore. "So what I'm concerned is, 'are they going to get all active now and if it's going to get cold again, what's going to happen to them?'"

When Action News asked what gardeners can do to protect their plants, Dinsmore said the warmer than normal temperatures might be the new normal, so the best thing to do is to keep learning.
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