The life or death lessons about lightning in Weather School

There's a saying you should know: When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors.

That's because there is no safe place outside when thunderstorms are in the area.

If you hear thunder, you are within striking distance of a storm, so get inside as quickly as possible, the safest place is a building. If you can't get inside a building, a car is a safer option than being outdoors.

If you can't get inside a building or vehicle, you need to get as low to the ground as possible, in a ditch or depression. You don't want to be near a tree, you don't want to be on a sports field. Over the past ten years, lightning has been the number one sports-related killer on soccer fields.

It's important to know that the storm doesn't have to be on top of you.

Lightning can strike 10 to 15 miles in either direction of an approaching or departing storm.

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