AccuWeather: More Hot, Dry Weather On the Way

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Under wall to wall sunshine, the high in Philadelphia hit 90 degrees today. This was the second 90 degree day of the year. But, more are on the way this week.

HEAT WAVE: We are likely in for our first heat wave of the season this week (three or more straight days of 90 or better) and while this will not be a particularly oppressive stretch of heat with humidity not all that bad, it's still the first of the season which can be a little harder on our bodies since we're not yet acclimated to these sorts of temperatures. It will still be important to stay hydrated and to wear loose-fitting clothing the rest of this week. It's also not a bad idea to keep an eye on senior family members and neighbors to make sure they're using fans or a/c and staying hydrated. Friday and Saturday could see a slight rise in humidity levels and the National Weather Service is warning that the heat index on those days can approach the mid 90s or even 100 in urban neighborhoods where we have mainly asphalt surfaces and little green space. But as of now, there is no mention of Heat Advisories, thanks to the overall lower humidity projections.

TONIGHT: Skies are clear to partly cloudy. It's a bit more humid overnight. The low is 72.

THURSDAY: It will be another mostly sunny and hot day. The morning looks moderately humid, but the afternoon becomes more comfortable again. The high is 92.

FRIDAY: Sun will mix with a few additional clouds. We remain hot and the humidity may creep up a bit. Look for a high of 94. A shower or thunderstorm is possible at night.

SATURDAY: As a cold front approaches, skies will turn "dirtier" with more in the way of clouds replacing any full sun. There's also a chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. It's still somewhat humid with a high of 94.

SUNDAY: It's not as hot and a bit breezy with partly sunny skies. Another thunderstorm can't be ruled out and a strong, heavy storm is possible in some areas. The heat wave is likely over, with our high reaching around 89.

MONDAY: Sun mixes with clouds. It's a warm day, but not humid and overall, relatively pleasant for early summer. The high settles around 85.

TUESDAY: Clouds mix with sun, the humidity rises again and we get a warm high of 89.

WEDNESDAY: Look for a partly sunny afternoon with humid air in place and another thunderstorm possible at times. The high is 89.
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