April snow showers on wintry Saturday

MANAYUNK (WPVI) -- Jack Frost put on a springtime performance Saturday, and on the cold and blustery streets of Center City, people were ready to drop the curtain.

"It's a bit ridiculous. I wish the weatherman would get his stuff straight, and get us into spring," said Tim Henderson of Center City.

"I can't understand this back and forth," said Rich Sutherlin of Upper Darby. "One day it's 80. One day it's 30."

A bundled up family skipped down Broad Street to keep warm up.

Ladies we spoke with who are in town for their second Love Run half-marathon Sunday say it may be their last.

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"It's the second year in a row we did this, and we're angry that it was cold two years in a row," said Laura Halloway of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

"I almost wasn't going to come because I thought, 'I'm never doing this again because I know it's going to be really cold,' but we are both military veterans and this is nothing compared to some of the situations we've been in," said
Selina Meiners of Hanover, Maryland.

Earlier today, at Philadelphia University in East Falls, excited youngsters got one last taste of winter. It looked like a snow globe on campus, but not much of it stuck.

While the snow was just a nuisance for most people, they're still ready to see it go.

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Folks we spoke to say while the snow isn't keeping them from going anywhere, they're still sick of it.

"I can only hope that it's time for spring, and we're done with the snow," said Theresa Schweingruber of Mount Airy.

"It's actually kind of nice. But I'd rather it be hot," said Muhammed Hargrove of Manayunk. "Ready for summer."

As the snow moved out and night fell, temperatures plunged leaving some begging for Mother Nature to get her act together.

"Mother Nature. Have mercy on us. Please. Please," said Olie Abdul of Colorado.

"I blame the weather reporters," said Marcus Argro of North Philadelphia. "It's not good."
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