Beating the heat while working or watching Phillies

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Many look to beat the heat. (WPVI)

Summer was in full force Wednesday bringing with it temperatures soaring in to the 90s.

If there's anyone who knows how to prepare for the oppressive heat, it's construction worker Anthony Sposato. He says he's allergic to the sun and, get this, he had four layers of clothing on.

"Drink a lot of fluids, keep myself hydrated, a lot of water, a lot of Gatorade," Sposato said.

Like Sposato, mailman Marquise Freeman bears the heat to pay the bills.

"I have no choice but to get through it. I just try to keep cool, keep the sun off of me and out of my eyes," Freeman said.

Freeman spends eight to ten hours outside and he insists there's an art to it all.

"You got to strategize through it. You have to be very strategic," Freeman said.

And many at the Belmont Hills pool made it an all-day affair.

"We weren't planning on staying, but we are going to stick it out because it's so hot," Kim Reiner of Wynnewood said.

The weather was not the only thing hot on Wednesday, the Philadelphia Phillies continued their winning ways, defeating the Atlanta Braves 4-3.

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As the Phillies tried to beat the Braves, fans tried to beat the heat.

It was a 1:05 p.m. game and fans arrived at the ballpark under a blazing, bright sun.

They tried to brave out the Phillies game from their seats, but some found it simply too hot to sit.

"We're in the front row so it's extremely hot because the sun's right on us," Kayla Green of Mt. Airy said.

Many sought out a shady spot on the concourse.

"This is prime real estate here so we grabbed it before everyone else did. And it feels cool back here," Chris Santaniello of Blackwood, NJ said as he stood in away from the hot seats.

There was no rain in the forecast, but some who stayed in their seats put them up anyway.

"I have sunscreen, wet towel, a hat and umbrella. I am ready," Karen Howard of Riverton, NJ said.

Fans were grateful the Phillies provided a water mist station on a day when the heat is off the charts.

"Pretty hot. On like a one to ten, maybe like an 85," Ryan Belas of Cherry Hill, NJ said.

It was definitely hot enough for fans to go home, long before the game was over, especially those who brought little ones.

"We've had enough. We've soaked through all our clothes and we'll listen to it on the radio on the way home," Heather Montie of Wilmington, Delaware said.

The Phillies head west to play the Colorado Rockies - where it was 93 in Denver. So not even the Phils can escape the heat.
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