Cherry Hill neighbors describe once in a lifetime wind gust

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (WPVI) -- It's been a busy 24 hours for utility crews rushing to restore power following Friday night's severe weather.

In New Jersey, the strong winds toppled trees onto homes.

Roy Diliberto considers himself lucky.

A tree fell on his home at Penn And Ferrell Avenues in Cherry Hill.

But he thinks there's minimal damage and he says he knows why.

Roy said, "The Lord was with me and nothing happened just a tree. That's all it really amounts to."

All along Ferrell near his home several other trees came down, as did several power lines.

On Saturday PSE&G crews were busy rebuilding so the power could be restored.

Diliberto and his neighbors say they doubt they'll experience anything like what happened Friday again.

Diliberto said, "It started out light, light wind and you could see the rain was going sideways and all of a sudden you had a big gust of wind. I'm saying 100 miles an hour."

Angel Curbelo said, "I've been in Jersey all my life. You don't see anything this way. If you're in Florida yes in places like that. But not here."

Not far from their neighborhood at King and Cornell avenues crews were also fixing downed power lines.

On Pearlcroft Road, a massive tree fell on Paul Donato's home.

But crews cleaned it up quick and Donato is hopeful structural damage is at a minimum.

He said, "All in all it wasn't too bad, a couple of holes in the roof."

But Donato says he knows how dangerous the storm Friday night was.

Along with the damage to his home, there were downed power lines that burned holes in the road.
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