Coping with the heat physically and mentally

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The heat is on...yet again.

And starting early Monday morning commuters at the Norristown Transportation Center were feeling the effects.

"It can be very tumultuous as far as the heat, the pressure of it being Monday, having to get to work," Myles Cassidy of Plymouth Township, Pa. said.

But even in this extreme heat, die-hard athletes were still finding a way to get in their exercise routines.

"Actually, I feel pretty good. Nice day to go hiking so that's what I am about to do," Anthony Folid of Northeast Philadelphia said.

Dr. Frank Farley, a psychology professor at Temple University, says in this day and age, we don't want to be constrained by what the weather brings even it is extreme heat.

"We are always going places, doing things and so on and to be imprisoned in your home because of really dangerous weather is a serious irritant," Dr. Farley said.

He told us such cabin fever can lead to symptoms such as depression and aggressive behavior.

He suggests you seek out some AC, socialize, and overall - take it easy.

"Just lay down and relax. That can help," Dr. Farley said.

And if you are going to get out and exercise, you might want to do like Chris Hepp of Mt. Airy and get going early.

"If I came out any later I would really suffer so I try to slip out about an hour earlier than I normally would go out," Hepp said.

Dr. Farley suggests doing what people in more tropical areas have done it seems forever - consider a siesta.

That sounds pretty nice about now.
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