Coronavirus: Warm weather challenges social distancing

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The nice weather almost makes people forget we're in the middle of a pandemic. And it didn't really look like it on Boathouse Row on Friday afternoon.

"We thought we'd get out and exercise," said Kevin Bussey as he and his wife walked down a trail.

"When we saw it was to be 70 degrees, we decided we had to get a little outdoor time," Jim Bulizzi of Narberth as he and his family walked around Valley Forge.

Streams of people, enjoying warmer weather while still trying to keep in mind social distancing.

"It's six feet," friends Ally Wilchusky and Jill Mcentee reminded each other as they jogged side-by-side.

Joanne McLean came to Valley Forge with her two daughters and a friend who was with her daughter. But none of them walked shoulder-to-shoulder.

"We just are keeping our distance," she said.

Some families even developed plans on how to keep the six-foot rule.

"You see somebody, we walk five feet to the right," said Paul Avagliano as he walked with his two young daughters.

Trails and parks in Philadelphia remain open. However, playgrounds, courts and fields are closed. Philadelphia Parks and Rec posted signs song the Boathouse Row trail urging people to keep six feet of distance between each other (though Drone6 saw a number of people walking much closer than that).

Two people got much closer: Christen and Jason Phifer. Their wedding ceremony was canceled due to coronavirus, so the couple decided to hold an impromptu ceremony in Fairmount Park after seeing the sunny forecast. But they told their guests to give each other a little more space.

"With so many bad things going on," said Jason, "we had to do something positive."
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