Delaware residents ready for snow

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They are prepping for the storm in Delaware. (WPVI)

Many Delaware residents are looking forward to this weekend's snow and are making sure they are prepared for it.

Jerry Shaffer with Richards Paving in New Castle says this has not been a winter for snow plowing.

Typically, when the area gets about two to three inches, his trucks are on the move.

"We do shopping malls, parking lots, things like that, some roadways, so we'll be pretty busy," Shaffer said.

A mild winter means business is slow, but this weekend could be a game changer; snow is on the way and crews are making sure they are ready to handle the workload.

"We've been working on trucks and getting equipment ready for this weekend just in case we do get hammered," Shaffer said.

Ahead of what could be a major storm, shoppers headed to a Home Depot in Claymont to stock up on the essentials like shovels and salt.

"It's about time for something. It's about time for it," Henry Powell of Philadelphia said.

"I love the winter. I love the cold, but you can keep the snow," Stacey Potts of Claymont said.

Unlike others, Robert Campbell of Wilmington is hoping the snow keeps him at work instead of away from it.

"I am hoping to get snowed in at work because we get double time after 16 hours, so I'm hoping we get stuck in the refinery for a couple days, I could use the money," Campbell said.

Everyone has been keeping a close eye on the forecast and while we didn't find any meteorologist at the Home Depot, everyone has a prediction.

"I don't think it's going to be that big. I think it's going to be mediocre," Potts said.

"I don't know. All these years I don't know what going to happen. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't," Elaine Lynes of Claymont said.

If you are snowed in, food is a must.

Shoppers also flocked to a nearby ACME to stock up the snow go-to diet of milk, bread and eggs. No one wants to be caught unprepared.

"I'm getting bread, milk, the usual, eggs, and a few goodies because I expect to be snowed in for a few days, and I don't care if it's a few weeks," Anne Marie Codrozi of Wilmington said.

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