Dramatic Video: Women and dog rescued before car washes away in flood

AUSTIN, Texas (WPVI) -- As floodwaters and torrential storms raged, police officers in Austin, Texas were able to save three women and dog just one minute before their car was swept away in the current.

According to Storyful, the Austin Police Department shared the dramatic bodycam video on their Facebook page with the caption "Three APD officers rescue three women and a dog from flooding waters. Officers Perrydore, Cochran and Valli made heroic efforts - we are proud and honored to have them in this department."

The officers got the first two women out of the vehicle safely. By the time the third woman climbed out with a dog, the water had risen, sending them and one of the officers to the ground.

Everyone was nearly out of harm's way when the dog slipped out of the woman's arms and ran toward the water.

Just after they coaxed the dog back to safety, the car they were trapped in washed away into the creek.

In another Facebook post, the Austin Police Department warned "We have rains in the forecast ahead... PLEASE TURN AROUND... DON'T DROWN!"
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