Getting back to normal after the storm in Ocean Co.

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Action News reporter Erin O'Hearn reports from Jackson Township, Ocean County. (WPVI)

The storm wasn't exactly the demon it had the potential to be, but in Jackson Township, Ocean County the conditions were far from ideal.

While plows were at work through the night and into the morning, residents remained hunkered down.

Joe McCarthy from the New Jersey Turnpike Authority had this message for drivers: "Don't speed past us... Let us clear the roads so it's safe for you."

Good advice from the crews who have been sacrificing sleep for your safety. And all their hard work plus a little shift in the storm, helped commuters in a big way.

Tom Paquett from Monroe tells us, "Roads are not bad, actually. It's a lot less - 3 or 4 inches of snow and the roads are not bad. I'm heading down to Cream Ridge to go to work, and everything is good."

Lines of plows scoured the Jersey Turnpike before dawn trying to stay ahead of the storm, scraping snow and ice from the highway.

Although this area prepared for worse, conditions ended up much less dire - a relief and a reminder of who's really in charge.

Scotty Jones of Titusville says, "The storm changed and went out to sea. What are you going to do? You can't control the weather. Mother Nature takes her own course and she wins."

And while the travel ban for many parts of New Jersey was lifted by daylight, the snow continued to fall, keeping side roads slick and driveways overflowing with the white stuff.

Susan Mason-Sherman of Cream Ridge works in Long Island but today she exchanged her briefcase for a shovel.

She tells us, "I have a snow blower but, unfortunately, I don't know how to use it, and my husband is in Dallas on a business trip. He's got 75 degree weather and we've got blizzard conditions."

In the end there were a few inches of snow accumulation, but not enough to cripple the area, and things are certainly getting back to normal.
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