Heavy storms leave power out and trees down

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. (WPVI) -- Cleanup is underway after heavy storms Tuesday night.

Wild storms whipped through Newtown Square.

Kristina Schultz described, "The wind was nuts. In probably about a minute, it just got super dark, and we looked outside and all the trees were down."

Teams had taken cover near the baseball fields. When families emerged, they discovered a tree crashed on a car.

Dan Schultz said, "My brother's car, which was here in the parking lot, the tree came down right on his car, smashed it up. We haven't been able to get it out since."

Branches fell down on Stonybrook. Bishop Hollow Road was closed, the street displaying the signs of the storm.

Jake Devirgiliis works nearby. He said, "It was really intense for maybe 45 minutes. I was really nervous about stuff maybe blowing away, blowing on me."

Jessica Morra told Action News, "My husband took a drive around the neighborhood this morning, and he said it looked like it just plowed through Newtown Square, and we just got the brunt of it."

Neighbors in West Chester experienced power outages. They were out sweeping up debris Wednesday morning.

In Media, on North Providence Road by Sandybank, a tree cracked and pulled wires down. Further along Providence by Ridge, another limb came down in Vince Every's yard. He had rushed his family to safety during the peak of the storm.

"Everybody get away from the doors, windows. When I watched that come down I was like, yeah something really major is going on," Every recounted.

PECO says crews are working around the clock to get everyone's power back on.
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